Nur76® Advanced 3 in 1 Skin Lightening for Face

Nur76® Advanced 3 in 1 Skin Lightening for Face


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Product Description

The ingredients helps lighten the skin by inhibiting the production of
melanin which causes darker skin colour & age spots. As the skin naturally
renews itself every 4-8 weeks, old pigmented cells are sloughed off & cells with
less melanin will be brought to the surface giving the skin radiant complexion.

The Nur76® Skin lightening has been clinically proven to lighten the skin
gradually and safely. The Skin lightening helps to reduce blotchy skin tones,
freckles, age spots and other dark pigmentation patches, which are caused from
various factors, such as; sun, hormonal treatment, pregnancy or ageing! It also
protects against UVA to prevent further damage from the sun.

The ingredients are of natural plant extracts, and does NOT contain any
dangerous chemicals such as bleach or hydroquinone. Nur76® is made from plant
extracts such as Licorice, Bearberry, Kojic, Kiwi extract, Tyrosinase enzyme,
vitamin C. Arbutin complex which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles. Includes UVA/UVB sunscreen and antioxidants protection. Protects
against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors. Fights premature aging
with broad-spectrum UVA protection.

The ingredients are of natural plant extracts, and does not contain any
dangerous chemicals. Nur76® Skin Lightening products have been discovered as one
of the most effective skin lightening cosmetic products in the market, which
have 100% proven guaranteed results. The product is guaranteed to show
remarkable results within 90 days of usage! We maintain the highest standards
for quality control and assurance of its products to ensure repeat purchases by
consumers. This is a certified product.


  • New, Advanced Formula, 3 porducts in 1
  • Lightens the skin in 90 days!
  • Helps to gradually fade out:

    Freckles and colour-blotches
    Uneven skin tones and Melasma
    Age spots & liver-spots
    Acne and pimple marks
    Fades out Dark Under Eye Circles

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production.
  • Fades out dark lines associated with aging, wrinkles and laugh lines.
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